Vivid InfoTech Software Solutions is a software development company that specializes in delivering custom solutions to customers around the globe. With offices in Las Vegas, NV and Chennai, India we have been providing value to companies such as yours since 2009. Vivid has over 150 software developers and 200 full time employees dedicated to building software solutions for our customers. Dedicated teams at Vivid provide the necessary resources companies need to extend their technology teams. These long term partnerships have extended over 7 years and currently account for 35% of our development teams. Vivid has maintained a 90% customer retention rate and is proud of the success our partners have obtained.

Vivid is a leader in low cost/high quality solutions due to our dedication to service, optimized processes and our hybrid outsourcing business model. The Vivid philosophy is simple, provide quality work at low cost outsourcing pricing. This is done with using our team in Las Vegas for account management, R&D, Quality Control, and management while using our office in India to work on all the different development verticals, project management and system engineering. Our ability to combine different expertise from different places of the world is our greatest advantage to our competitors.

Our solutions enable businesses to gain a sustainable competitive advantage in today’s marketplace by¬†leveraging leading-edge technology¬†at a lower cost.

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