Design and Development

Ready to bring your idea to reality? Vivid offers development solutions in any language or platform and mobile solutions in Native to cross-platform development. Make sure your project is ready for the challenges ahead by building it on a solid foundation. Your projects success starts before a single line of code is written and is supported by Vivid from start to finish.

System Analysis and Design

Let Vivid design and build your business systems for rapid development and ready to scale when needed. Your success starts by creating a solid foundation that you can build your business on. The ability to easily scale your business is important for continued growth.

Cloud Computing

We are providing the below services in cloud in the ‘SaaS’ model to our esteemed clients : Accounting, CRM, ERP, invoicing, HRM, Back office management systems etc.We are providing Business Intelligence and SCM Analytics services in various current technologies.We are providing all types for website hosting and application hosting services to our clients

Data Analytics Solutions

Grappling with large volume of your data Gold Mine?. Get the best analysis services through dashboards and reports to make sense of all your data. Explore and extrapolate your data as you wish.We sift through volumes of data from multiple sources and help our clients discover the powerful mantra hidden in it. Descriptive, Predictive or Prescriptive, we provide what the client wants and help them frame strategies in any scale across timelines.

Dedicated Development Teams

Enhance your current teams with dedicated designers and developers from Vivid so your business can scale and adapt quickly to the changing technology landscape. Vivid offers multiple options to quickly expand your technology teams without the high costs and delays associated with hiring new employees.

Optimizing your Business

Looking to rebuild your business legacy systems or modernize aging infrastructure? Vivid develops business solutions that scale to your growing business and improve overall performance. We are an extension of your business and work with you to ensure you have the foundation to grow into the future.

Startup Companies

Have an idea or starting a new business? Vivid is here to help! The services we offer come with the hard work and dedication of every member of our team. Let us become an extension of your business and make your idea or business a success. From start to finish you will find the support needed to succeed.

Search Engine Optimization

Rank higher and preform better than your competitors! Vivid specializes in Organic SEO allowing your business to improve search engine ranking and performance long term. Make it easy for your customers to find your business and drive traffic to your website. Don’t let your competitors beat you in SEO by ignoring important steps in the development process.