YII Web Development

YII framework is the best platform to develop robust web-based applications in PHP. It has a lot of features which are used in the web application development process. It has in-built libraries and responsive design services which are the advantages and needed for business application development. YII is a performance-oriented framework and fast loading. From the business point of view, Yii framework saves money and time to develop a successful business oriented web applications.

YII has good extensions which are available to reduce testing efforts. Yii-based web applications are highly extensible, robust, and scalable. Keeping these features, many firms are looking for skilled YII development companies in USA to develop their web applications. We can deliver high value web applications embrace the YII PHP framework because of its advanced configuration and capabilities.

Yii Framework is based on the MVC (Model View Controller) architecture. It allows us to carry out the development of web applications with a great structure. It facilitates segregating the database data as objects. This framework is pre-loaded with a highly functional AJAX widgets which are going a long way in ensuring that developers create user interfaces that boast of usability. It comes with pre-incorporated authentication features which will prevent the illicit access.

Elegant Themes: When it comes to making your site look exclusive you can go with Yii framework. It offers to create beautiful range of skins and themes which give freedom to dictate your website’s style and look the way you wish. It allows to create personalized themes for developing web applications.

Debugging errors don’t require a much effort in YII web application development. We can easily find the dumped data and make sure that the error messages being displayed are easily understandable.

Yii framework reduces the repetitive tasks and it will be suitable for developing web applications rapidly. We can create SEO-friendly URL handling is very easy to configure. Yii framework promises great speed, security and great feature list. The framework is highly flexible and offers the great environment where we can develop amazing web applications. As a top YII development company from USA, we are developing fully functional web applications embracing the Yii PHP framework.

YII Framework has been taken to be one of most popular PHP frameworks which have been used by application developers for developing Web 2.0 applications. It has unique features such as Model View Controller design patterns, database migration, form input and validation. It is armed with skinning and theme features based on the view files, layout files, images, and CSS files.