Re-invent with App Modernization

Legacy application modernization — to drive better value by transcending your IT spends from high
maintenance to lower costs and leading to greater innovation

Power Up Your Legacy Application
Modernization Process

Multiple technology Platforms

Business need for greater agility

Shrinking expertise for obsolete technologies

No support from existing Vendor

Missing mobile, social, and cloud advantage

New Generation of Legacy Modernization

Modernizing legacy systems gives a leading edge to your business by preserving your original business objectives, model and investments. The focus is to support innovation and bring better business results. Create an adaptive enterprise with Vivid to reduce costs through a global delivery model.


Benefits of App Modernization

  • Lower business disruption and risk
  • Simplified application portfolio
  • Enhanced flexibility and greater agility
  • Responsive unified user experiences
  • Reduced costs of maintenance
  • Leverage data analytics and cloud environments

Definitive Mainframe Modernization

Application Portfolio Assessment
Got portfolio management equipped with our unique approach for portfolio assessment for a detailed report of your technology landscape. Our software assessment process highlights:

  • Building a business case for legacy application modernization
  • Creating legacy modernization project estimations
  • Application portfolio and consolidation assessment

Application Cloud Enablement
Got seamless SaaS and Cloud Modernization, legacy application modernization and digital transformation, to drive greater value, in novation and lower costs.

  • Multi-tenancy architecture, development, and testing
  • consulting for database migration and optimization
  • Performance engineering, infrastructure sizing, and support

Application Re-engineering
Ro-engineering can make your enterprise stay competitive and be responsive to change. Our process helps you boost your competitive advantage and operational costs.

  • Ro-development of legacy systems
  • Migration across servers, operating systems, and database
  • Web-enabling of legacy software, client-server and apps

Mainframe Modernization
Leverage best of core technologies that help to move biz forward with mainframe modernization and transform existing enterprise applications to moot evolving needs.

  • Service enablement and mainframe modernization tools
  • Smooth integration of enterprise data
  • Update 3rd party databases and mobile-enabled

What Sets Vivid Apart?

  • Dedicated approach to portfolio management for adding greater value
  • Highly credible solutions due to in-depth experience in various industries
  • Smooth migration with proven analysis, diagnostic tools and transparent process
  • Exploit app modernization tools that help in automating application portfolio
  • Cost-effective management of application portfolio on Mainframe and Cloud
  • Comprehensive range of app modernization services
  • Flexible approach to meet changing needs and achieve faster results

Modernize Legacy Applications to Outperform

  • With the old strategies. ¡t becomes a challenge to attain new business heights Similarly, web solutions such as applications. systems. solutions. And products developed ¡n outdated technologies cannot address varying business needs. Leverage our extensive experience in Application Re-engineering. We also help you with performance optimization that can draw out maximum performance from your IT environment
  • Our experts harness the tremendous amount of information stored in your systems through complex analytics. leveraging comprehensive insight of this information, we align your business data, business processes. and solutions to extract maximum value. Enable application/product migration to enhance the performance efficiency, and productivity of o stable running apportion and smoothen the business operations Vivid experts can migrate coding. language operating system, database, architecture, and open-source integration of old application to modem technologies.

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